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Billing Policy and Procedures

CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is a fee-based technology consulting firm that bills its clients in six-minute increments for all services rendered including consulting, installation, repair, troubleshooting, estimates, site surveys, research, ordering, documentation and travel. All supplies and parts are cost advanced to the client with no mark-up. Parts and Supplies costing over $500.00 shall be pre-paid by the client or ordered using the client’s credit card. Connected Technologies typically does not perform any services based on a fixed fee arrangement because it believes that its objectivity and work quality may be impaired. Our position is that fixed bid pricing encourages consultants to hurry the work process. After meeting the cost benefit screen, we will explore every possibility for our client. Connected Technologies never negotiates fees as it might compromise the integrity of the work product.

A retainer is required for most engagements. Bills are sent out once each month based on the number of hours spent and the staff positions of the individuals assigned to the particular engagement for that month. Since the firm does not negotiate its fees, a detail of the charges is not provided on the monthly bills sent to its clients. We understand the tremendous trust necessary to hire Connected Technologies on an open ended hourly billing arrangement, and Connected Technologies strives to provide cost effective services while respecting the client’s needs and confidence.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on any unpaid balance more than 30 days past due. All delinquent clients will be required to post a retainer equal to their unpaid balances.

The hourly billing rates currently effective are as follows:

Eric M. Eley165.00
Ren Buckland165.00
John Carden165.00
Davis Hipps155.00
Michael Cowan115.00
Chuck Neely110.00
Aaron Green110.00
TJ Haynes110.00
Alex Sprinkles  95.00
Keith Smith  95.00
Bryan Guenther  90.00
Ken Failyer  95.00
Harley Campbell  85.00
Kyle Holland  70.00
Ted Thurmond  65.00
Lee Calloway  50.00
Taylor Marshall  50.00
Michelle Rayburn  35.00

After hours, weekends and holidays are billed at 1.5 times the regular rate. These rates are reviewed and adjusted accordingly on an annual basis.

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